Jan 22 | 7:03pm

Tonight I needed this.
I think you did too.
After a shower you lay on my bed, expressed what you were grateful for and aknowledged that today was not our kindest day. That you do love one another and you expressed it like this. This mumma’s heart is content that not all days a good ones but ending them with love and compassion is always a good thing.



Jan 20 | 5:07pm

Our happy place, the beach. Filled with adventure there’s alway something new to discover. Today’s treasure included a fan shell, sea erchin and tumble weeds.
The shells were left behind but the tumble weeds treasured a little longer.



Jan 19 | 3:18pm
Today was a good day!
A train ride, out for lunch and then your very 1st stage show, Aladdin!
It’s was magical! Your eyes were wide and hearts filled with joy, this standard iPhone photo taken by a stranger of us together will raise fond memories for years to come of this really good day.



Jan 17 | 4:17pm

Yoga, you both spent over an hour tonight stretching. I think after a long and hot day, it was something we all needed, some good chill time.